Our Church History

The Oak Ridge Missionary Baptist Church was organized in December, 1866 about two miles from the present site.  Sadly the original church building burned sometime during the period of time between October, 1872 and February, 1873.  A committee was appointed in 1873 to make plans for a new church building.  This building, known as the “old log church” was ready for occupancy in May, 1875.  In the period between 1898 and 1902 a new white weatherboard church building was constructed replacing the old log church.  The “log church” was sold in 1902 and was moved to the G. J. Moore farm.

Rev. J. A. Joyce became pastor in June, 1907.  Rev. Joyce served the church faithfully until his death in December 1957.  The church experienced steady growth and progress during the years of his able leadership.

Oak Ridge Church

Due to the growth of the congregation, plans began in 1943 for the construction of the present sanctuary.  The first worship service was held in the new church in July, 1946.  The new church building was blessed with memorial pews and windows donated primarily by church members and their families.  An addition of two Sunday School rooms on the back of the church as well as a basement were made in 1956.  The construction of a parsonage building on a lot adjoining the church property was completed in July, 1958.  A need for additional classroom space was being realized by the church and steps were taken to remedy the situation starting in April, 1962 when plans were drawn up and work began on the addition of a baptistry, along with 10 upstairs classrooms, two restrooms and a remodel of the choir loft.  Practically all the work on the inside was donated by the members of the congregation and friends of the church.  In May, 1973, a remodeling project for the front of the church was completed.  A foyer, two side classrooms, a 27 foot steeple and a porch were added.  Later in December, 1974, chimes were installed in the church steeple and in 1981 an outdoor picnic shelter was built on the church grounds.

An event of much interest to the community occurred when the logs from the first church building were returned to the church grounds.  They were used to build a memorial shelter which was completed at the observance of the 100th anniversary of the church in 1966.  In May, 1969, the building was equipped with lights and water.

The church was incorporated in January, 1995, and as a result of the incorporation, the name was changed from Oak Ridge Missionary Baptist Church to the Oak Ridge Baptist Church.

A five thousand square foot Fellowship Hall building, attached to the side of the church, was completed in May, 2000, with a full kitchen, two restrooms, and the ability to have several classrooms.  This has been a wonderful addition to our church due to the extra space for use of our various ministries, special events, as well as the classroom space.

An addition of an Educational Building on the rear of the church was completed in January 2014.  The entry into this building is at the rear of the Fellowship Hall and the building consists of 8 classrooms.

We have been blessed with the service of many wonderful pastors over the history of Oak Ridge Baptist Church.  After the death of Rev. J. A. Joyce the following pastors have served our congregation:  Rev. B. M. Smith, Jr. – January, 1958 to September, 1958; Rev. D. O. Wright – March, 1959 to December, 1966; Rev. Kenneth Snyder – February, 1967 to December, 1970; Rev. Roger Patterson – October, 1971 to December, 1977; Rev. Jack Caviness – August 1978 to October, 1980; Rev. Thurman Hauser – February, 1981 to December, 1989; Rev. Randy Roberts (Served 6 months as interium pastor due to the illness of Rev. Hauser) – June, 1990 to  August, 2000; Rev. Melvin Shelton October, 2000 to November, 2009; Rev. Mike Sands – May, 2010 to the Present.  (Please see our Pastor’s Page)

Our prayer is that God will continue to bless Oak Ridge Baptist Church as well as all the ministries we have here and that with His guidance we will continue to be a strong and unified body of Christ.

Oak Ridge Baptist Church 4128 NC 704 Hwy E. Sandy Ridge, North Carolina 27046 Phone - Church: 871-9912 Parsonage:871-2671

Oak Ridge Baptist Church
4128 NC 704 Hwy E.
Sandy Ridge, North Carolina 27046
Phone – Church: 871-9912 Parsonage:871-2671